When build-out is complete, EpiCintre Studios™ (ES) will be the first-ever superconvergence enterprise that recombines the models of television networks, major studios, production, marketing, communications, entertainment, mobile, technology, and Internet into a one-of-kind business model and platform of the future. 

ES is currently anticipated to be the largest  and most powerful content creation and distribution system in the world, when complete. An estimated 1/2 million direct hires will serve from 3 to 6 million industry workers and new jobs needed to keep the machine alive and growing.

The ES enterprise system is a true 21st Century design that incorporates a host of leading-edge, proprietary technologies, models, and systems never before seen or used by Hollywood, Silicon Valley and other leading industries. The result will be the production of top quality content at a fraction of the time and costs of legacy systems and models as well as maximized content leveraging. (Also Read: Why is that important?)

The entire ES system is designed for full spectrum transmedia applications--name the communication or entertainment output and ES has integrated it.

This unique and extremely powerful system does something even more remarkable---it  puts creative originality and talent closer to the end-result. 

ES utilizes a unique Syntrafusion™ process (proprietary / patent pending) that  ensures maximized profits for all forms of content creation, including film, mobile, Net, television, mar-comm, transmedia-mix and more. 

Over 3-generations ahead of the current cutting-edge, ES represents a true leap forward in global entertainment and communications technology.

And that's not all...

EpiCintre Global™ (EG) leverages the ES system so that independent or integrated satellite units can be ensured globally.  EG units are specifically designed for use outside of the United States so that foreign content, languages, and cultures can be ensured through in-country workforces. This allows not only global integration, but opportunities for content leveraging maximization.

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